Microsoft Surface Book 2 Teardown
By Michael Degnan • Difficulty: Moderate

This is the Microsoft Surface Book 2, and just like every Surface device we’ve done a teardown on this year it scored horribly on our repairability scale. How bad did it do? We gave it a 1 out of 10, which to be honest is at least a little better than the Surface laptop which got a zero but still. So today I’ll be essentially walking you through how to design a device that’s terrible for repair.

Final Thoughts
  • After the difficult opening procedure, the SSD can be replaced.
  • The display assembly consists of a fused glass panel and LCD, and is difficult to remove and replace.
  • The processor and RAM are soldered to the motherboard.
  • Strong adhesive holds many components in place, including the display, base cover, and both batteries.
  • Many components are on the backs of their respective boards, requiring motherboard removal to replace simple components.