Toniebox Battery Replacement
By Tobias Isakeit • Difficulty: Easy

Use this guide to remove an old or worn out battery in your Toniebox.

Step 1
  • Put the Toniebox on a flat surface (e.g. a desk or a workbench).
  • Apply some pressure and turn the Toniebox counterclockwise to unlock the two clips beneath the bottom plate.
  • You will hear a "klick" when the two clips unlock.
Step 2
  • Remove the bottom plate.
Step 3
  • Remove the Phillips #1 screw on the bottom of the Toniebox.
Step 4
  • Lift the inner part out of the foam housing.
Step 5
  • Unplug the battery connector from the main board by gently pulling the cables.
  • When reconnecting the new battery make sure to properly orient the connector.
Step 6
  • Losen the two screws next to the battery. Don't remove them.
  • Lift the main board a bit to widen the gap between the white plastic housing.
  • This gap will help you in the next step.
Step 7
  • Feed the battery cable from behind the main board and out of its plastic guide hooks.
  • When installing the new battery you don't have to feed the cable behind the main board. Depending on their length aligning them along the black plastic will suffice.
Step 8
  • Use a spudger or finger to push down the plastic latch that keeps the battery in place.
  • Push the battery out of its frame.
Step 9
  • Remove the battery.

To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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