Microsoft Surface Pro 3 Display Replacement
By Erik Snyder • Difficulty: Very difficult

Things to know before you dive in:

- This repair is very challenging. Unless you are very confident in your DIY skills, it may be a better option to take it to a professional, or maybe even... Microsoft.

- Be sure to replace the screen with the correct version. Most devices are stock with the V1.1 screen/digitizer. If you are replacing the screen/digitizer with the wrong version, your results may vary.

- It is imperative to make sure the metal casing is not bent. If your metal casing is even slightly bent, your new screen will not fit because the tolerances are very tight. Carefully bend it back or take it to a professional.

Step 1
  • Heat up one or multiple iOpeners in the microwave for 30 seconds.
  • Place the hot iOpener(s) on the edges of the device to soften the glue securing the screen.
Step 2
  • If the iOpeners are not working or you do not have any readily available, use a heat gun to melt the glue. In fact, this may be a better option than the iOpeners.
  • Holding the heat gun on a single spot for too long can crack the screen or melt parts of the device.
Step 3
  • Use a plastic opening tool to separate the screen from the device.
  • Start in the top right corner of the device for best results.
  • Carefully insert opening picks between the screen and the device to prevent the glue from re-adhering.
Step 4
  • Continue to heat sections of the screen with the heat gun.
  • As you make your way around the screen with the heat gun, use the plastic opening tool and the opening picks to pry the screen loose.
  • The screen is extremely thin and very easy to break. Be careful working with broken glass.
Step 5
  • Once you have placed iFixit Opening Picks around the entire screen, carefully pry the screen loose with the plastic opening tool.
  • Lift the screen up carefully so that no wires are torn.
Step 6
  • Remove the 3 mm T3 Torx screw securing the battery connector, and disconnect the battery connector.
Step 7
  • Remove the single 4 mm T5 Torx screw securing the display cable.
  • Lift the connector up from the device.
Step 8
  • Grasp the orange cable connected to the silver connecter.
  • Carefully lift the orange cable up until the connecter pops off.
  • The screen will now be completely disconnected.
  • The replacement display may not include all the parts needed for installation. Save all the parts from the original display, and transfer them to the new display as needed.

To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order. Once reassembled you may be required to do some additional steps such as updating firmware and drivers or even reverting your device to factory reset.